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God's beautiful, natural creation has the power to heal, physically and spiritually. The expense of traveling with children increases as the family grows. We feel that all families should have the opportunity to get away together, without having to worry about the expense.

Families including but not limited to large families, single income families, low income families, families with special needs, etc.

Our Family Preservation Apostolate is a non-profit organization. All of our gift donations and all rental donations will go towards paying the total cost of the property and necessary repairs. Future rental donations will fund operating costs, property improvements, and retreat program development. We will do our best to utilize volunteer labor, and purchase supplies and resources locally, in order to support the local community.

You can be a part of the mission by booking a family or small group Retreat, or by sending a one-time Gift donation, making a Gift Card donation, or making a Rosary donation.  Our Partners also donate a portion back to our organization.

Please prayerfully consider making a financial contribution that will assist us in helping families to…

Pray Together, Play Together & Stay Together!


St. Martin de Porres Family Retreat House is situated on 6 beautiful, wooded, hillside acres in the scenic Hocking Hills region. The area boasts cavernous rock formations, gorges filled with hemlocks and crashing waterfalls that transform into ice sculptures in the winter. There are plenty of fun things for your family to do while enjoying God's wonderful creation.

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